Monday, June 17, 2013

Trip to Marinduque Island (April 24, 2013)

Marinduque Island is really a pretty place. Quite mountainous and covered with jungle. Coconut trees and banana trees and other stuff. As we drove the roads, I fully expected to see a T-rex pop up on the hills across the valleys. The towns have some interesting names, Boac (bow-ak), Mogpog (mohg-pohg), and Gasan (ga-san). We have 5 sets of missionaries and one couple on the island.

 We went over to Marinduque Island which is one of the mission zones during our third week here. Above is a picture of the office van on the ferry waiting to depart. Below is a shot inside the van, left-right, Nancy, Sister Packer, Elder Packer, and Sister Peterson. The Packers are the office couple we replaced and this was their last week. We stayed in the van most of the trip over and back. We roamed around on the upper deck where there are lots of passengers. On the way back we played Farckle and Quiddler.

 Above: Nancy on deck with Marinduque Island in the distance....almost there. It's a 3 hour ride on the ferry and really pretty boring most of the way. I mean the ocean doesn't change all that much. I did see a couple of flying fish. Below: Closer to the island and we enter the staight to the harbor.

 Above: Seaside resort??? Not so much. Some local folks with their home and fishing boats.Kind of pretty.
 Here are two shots from the road overlooking the harbor area. The one above obviously is the better of  the two pictures because....isn't it obvious....Nancy is in it.

 Above; some of the local members of the Santa Cruz branch. President Peterson and Sister Peterson on the right. President came over to interview the young man in the center w/ white shirt for his mission. His mother is just right of him.She was so excited and happy to have her son going on a mission. Elder and Sister Packer to the left, the Branch President in the yellow shirt and his wife (purple shirt). The sister in front of President rode for an hour via public transportation so she could get her temple recommend renewed. Below; this is a statue in the harbor. Not sure who it is. We should have got some info but were running late and had to get aboard the ferry. Maybe next time.

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