Saturday, June 22, 2013

Trip to Mindoro Island (May 7 2013)

Our trip to Mindoro Island was pretty fun. We took the "fast" boat instead of the ferry. The fast boat makes it in an hour, the ferry is 3 hours. Inside the boat the seeating is good and comfy. The six of us had a table, with 3 on each side. They even served snacks as part of the deal. We attended the Mindoro zone training meeting and President did missionary interviews.
 Here are two pictures of the fast boad. It moves along pretty good and we had nice calm seas.

 Above: Arrival at Mindoro. port. The town of Calapan is pretty busy.
 Above: Picture of the missionaries in the Mindoro Zone.  Senior Couple Elder and Sister Smith on the right. They are super fun an really help the missionaries on the island.
 Somme pictures of the local houses. Pretty typical of most of the peiople.
 The picture below is a zoon in on the top left of the picture above. Just wanted to show the solar clothes dryer wihich is quite popular here in spite of the rain.

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