Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Real Shiner

 Well, strange things happen in the Philippines. We were out for morning exercise, and out of the blue comes a big bird and tries to attack Nancy. She is totally freaking out and in her valiant effort to avoid being devoured by the carnivorous winged menace she took a tumble and did a face plant on the concrete pavement. This broke her glasses and jammed them into her face. There was blood everywhere. The final result was she was ok except she got a pretty cool shiner.
With regard to the previous narrative, you can decide how much was fact and fiction. She is still awfully cute even with a black eye.


  1. My reaction, "I hope she is alright."
    My wife's reaction, "Oh no, she broke her cute glasses."

  2. I'm sure the bird looked a lot worse...because Nancy is pretty tough! I agree...my sister is still awfully cute!