Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's a Jungle Out There!

We went with the Office Elders to teach a family who lived in the outback. Their circumstances are extremely humble. The trail was muddy and so our shoes got quite dirty by the time we were done.
 Above: Elder Rivera (back) Nancy and Elder Yost. Both of these missionaries were great helpers in the office, but are now back out in the field. Elder Yost is from Virginia and will be heading home the first of July. He is an exceptionally good missionary.
 There was a narrow bridge to navigate. Both of us were so focused on not taking a dive into the creek, we didn't notice all the ants running merrily along on the bamboo railing which by the way wasn't all that sturdy.

Just another nature shot of the adventurous jungle loving old ones amidst the greenery. That is a banana tree next to us on the right. The tall ones in the back are coconut palms and the coconuts are way up high.
This friendly cow ox water buffalo creature was lying peacefully on the ground, so I wandered over for a Kodak moment and up it jumped snorted and pawed and I am skeedaddling my missionary bones outta there. I was briefly kinda of scerred, the operative words being briefly and kinda.


  1. Looks like you had quite an adventure, it's pretty, and glad you skeddaddled out of the way of that water buffalo. Love you guys!!

  2. Looks like a Mad-ox moment. Get it? That bridge looked way sketchy to me. I probably wouldn't have met the weight limits, and would have had to wait until you came back. No Tarzan vine to swing over? I may have tried that....

  3. Laughing out loud about the water buffalo...so funny. You guys are so cooooool! Tromping through the jungle to preach da gospel. So awesome. Love you!

  4. Sister Hansen looks like she could join the Wallenda brothers and do some tightrope walking in the circus. I don't think I would want a water buffalo to get upset with me. The jungle looks absolutely gorgeous. You are in paradise.