Sunday, May 26, 2013

This is Where We Live

Our apartment is upstairs, you can see the kitchen window. I am in the parking lot of the chapel with the gate between the mission campus and the chapel in the forground. Below is a picture of the rear of the chapel from this same vantage point.
Above: Here is the entry to the stairs that go up to our place. We have to lock the iron cage when we are away from the office and at night. The laundry room with shared washer and dryer is directly above the entry, our apartment is to the left.
 Above: Nancy at meal time. Dining table and kitchen counter in the view. Below: this is the kitchen with the gas range/oven, refrigerator etc. and Nancy. These are the kitchen windows that you could see in the prior picture. The chapel is behind the fridge....sort of. It's a great kitchen but kind of crowded for two. Everything is smaller in the Philippines.
Below:   Here is the living room, and the front (and only) door. We are really fortunate to have such a nice place.
 Above: this is the hallway from the living area to the bathroom (CR here) to the right and the bedroom to the left.  Below: Here is the CR (comfort room). the commode is to the back, the shower (not seen) is to the right.
 Below: here is the bedroom. I am catching up on my Tagolog language study, as you can see it is going quite well, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Your house is so nice! Very classy. Dad, I hear that osmosis is a really great study technique...

  2. Cute apartment, glad you guys got settled in. I tend to study the same way to Dad.

  3. What a nice apartment! You guys look great. We can tell you are both so busy with your office assignment. Looks like Elder Hansen is catching up on a well-deserved siesta.