Saturday, June 29, 2013

Generosity and Burned Cookies

Things are different in the Philippines Episode 2 (maybe 3?). We have this gas oven as part of our stove. It is quite small and only holds like one cookie sheet. I am not sure how it regulates temperature since once it is lit, it stays on. But, there is a temperature dial so Nancy picks a temperature and hopes for the best. The back of the oven is always hotter than the front. So the back cookies get extra brown on the bottom, the middle ones just right, and the front ones almost just right (usually pretty good). In fact, on the maiden baking adventures the back ones were quite black. As most of you know, Nancy is a really generous person, and the 4 missionaries next door reap the benefits of her baking. They are very often the grateful recipients of many goodies. That's the Generosity part of the post. Now the Burned Cookies part, guess which cookies go to the missionaries and who gets the other ones? Don't get me wrong, I too am grateful not only for the extra crispy browned cookies but also for the chance to learn whatever this wonderful gospel attribute is....I can't quite put my finger on it, but I know it's a good thing...right?.
 The missionaries cookies on the right, mine on the left....mmmmm really they are very yummy (it's an acquired taste)
Me acquiring the taste and practicing being uncomplainingly something?.


  1. I hope you shared some of the good cookies to. ;)

  2. We have had an adventure figuring out our oven in Italy but I think we finally have it down. Sister Jefferies suggested that you only put the cookies in the middle of the cookie sheet and make a few more batches. But then maybe Elder Hansen wouldn't get any cookies.