Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fruit Smoothie To Go

So two sayings  here: Things are more fun in the Philippines. and Things are different here!. So today for breakfast Nancy made berry/mango fruit smoothie shake....yummmm. So I am helping by getting the shake from the blender to the table. So at home our blender requires like a quarter turn on the pitcher part to undo it. So first I try to lift and no luck, then I give it a quarter turn, no workie, another quarter turn, still no workie, one more turn and the fruit smoothie goes out the bottom and down the sides and onto the counter. My repeat quarter turns unscrewed the bottom and we had Fruit Smoothie To Go. I may be banned as assistant Smoothie Helper.


  1. Oops, maybe it works by pulling up?? Hmmm but that smoothie does look good. :)

  2. Smooth move, Elder Hansen. It does look good even if it is all over the blender and the counter.

  3. I'd say I would stick with a straw. Leave it in the blender, and use a straw...or two! Love you guys!