Saturday, October 5, 2013

Signs of the Times

As we venture out into the mission, we often see interesting road signs and other signs. We appreciate the differences of cultures and language translation, but that said sometimes the signs strike one in a humorous way.President Peterson told us he saw a sign "Live Goat Meat For Sale".......We haven't seen that one yet, but if we do, we will check it out to see how that is packaged! Here are a few of the pictures of signs we have seen. We will probably have a sequel.
 This is a sign at a small everything store. Ramleigh & Wacky evidently run the establishment, but note the "Sari Sari Store". This is the nomenclature for the type of store...pronounced Sorry, Sorry. Now that wouldn't sound too good for a store back home.

These two signs are at the two driveways into a Shell gas station. A little different way to say IN/OUT. It really doesn't matter because no one follows them.
A warning for speed bumps in the road.
Yup..just like they taught me in grade school.
this sign was in a neighborhood we drove through. I am not sure if it is directed at autos or overactive local buglers.
When we saw this sign on a school wall, we both looked at each other and asked "are there other schools that are child something else?"  We would definitely send our kids here.

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  1. These signs are great! Humor is a good thing! Keep smiling!