Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In and Out Missionaries - August 2013

It has been difficult to stay on top of timely posts, but lest the important and fun ones including these pictures of the departing and arriving missionaries be left unrecorded, here is a late post. We have transfers on a six week cycle which includes the departure of missionaries who have completed their missions and the arrival of the brand new greenies ready to conquer the world.
Our outgoing missionaries arrive at the Mission Home on Sunday evening. They have some training and a FHE/testimony meeting on Monday. They leave for Manila on Tuesday morning, attend the temple and then are off on their trips home to anxious families.
The Provo MTC arriving missionaries fly into Manila on Tuesday evening. They join the Manila MTC missionaries early Wednesday morning for the 2 hour bus ride to the Mission Home. We have a short orientation, some snacks, and individual interviews with President Peterson. Thursday morning they have "transfer" meeting where they are paired up with their new companions. On one side of the chapel sit the new arrivals, and on the other side the new companion. None know ahead of time who will be with whom, so it's kind of fun. Then off they go dragging those big suitcases to their new areas, some shell shocked, some still jet lagged, some wishing they had packed less, but all ready to be missionaries.
Here are some pictures. Just a note, these arriving batches have been some of the largest in number.

August 12-15 Transfer

First the Departing Missionaries

Above are our departing missionaries.This batch was all Filippino missionaries except as noted in the listing. Front row kneeling from the left, Elder Delfin, Elder Sollano, Elder Silvosa, Elder Clark (California), Elder Pesamino (Samoa). Standing from the right, Elder Tagulao, Elder Orro, Elder Mendoza, Elder Meniano, Sister Nabus, Sister Snow (Canada), Sister Cayanan, Sis Francis (Pakistan), Sister Padua, Elder Natividad, Elder Rosario (tall in back) and Elder Guba.  President and Sister Peterson in the rear.

The long walk to the hiway for the bus, Sister Padua (left) and Sister Nabus. Elder Howes, office elder cheering them on.

Waiting for the bus with a load of suitcases. From the left, Sister Honey, oops Hansen, Sister Cayanan, Sister Snow, Sister Peterson, Sister Padua, Sister Nabus, and Sister Francis.

"So....where the heck is our ride",says Elder Rosario closest center facing, Elder Sollano next right facing and Elder Burton, AP, next also facing, and finally a local caught in the departure.

The Arrivals

This batch of 28 only included 2 Filipinos. So here we go with who is who. Front Center, President and Sister Peterson. From the left, Sisters, S. Smith (Utah), S. Hingano (Tonga), S. Macheke (South Africa). S. Brown (Utah), S. Kerr (Washington), up to S. Ebuen (Philippines between the two tall American Elders), down to S. Voipou (Samoa), up to S. Finau  (Tonga), S. Manu (Tonga), S. Feinga (Tonga) down to S. Moimoi (Tonga), S. Borg (Australia), S. To'a (Tonga), S. Burnham (Arizona), S. Reed ( Washington), and E. Gallen (Micronesia far right).  The Elders from the left, E. Maglasang (Philippines), E Kiafoto (New Zealand), E. Langi (Tonga), E. Shaw (Arizona), E. Kikel (Utah), E. Richards (Utah), E. Milligan (Utah), E. Adamson (Arizona), E. Perez (California), E. Hammer (Idaho), E. Parry (Utah), and E. Toro (Nevada).

Breakfast in the Mission Home on Wednesday morning. It's a little packed with these bigger batches.

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