Friday, October 25, 2013

Earthy Milestones

Life in the mission is generally pretty routine. The things you do are pretty much the same except the people change which keeps things fun and interesting. Before you know it time has flown by. I looked around the place and found some indications that "hey we have indeed been here awhile."

We are starting on our second jar of good ole Skippy peanut butter....about six months.

Of course it wouldn't be PB&J without some jam. We (me) mostly jam the bagels. Honey for the peanut butter.

Two bottles of prescription meds, at 90 days each gets us to six months.

I am not sure why there were 3 empty soap boxes on the shelf.  I guess they just got set aside and forgotten in the out of the way closet. But before I tossed them along with the empty toothpaste and Old Spice stick, I snapped a quick flick. Don't worry we have replacement stock so we will still smell purtty.

1 comment:

  1. The size of that package of toilet paper makes me think you found a Costco in the Philippines.