Saturday, October 26, 2013

Out and About

There are many ways the folks of this nation get around and get things done. Some show their ingenuity. Here are a few pictures of various ways of moving things and people about the countryside.

Here is a fellow moving his caribou (kair-i-bow) along the National Highway just across from the Mission Home street where the departing missionaries catch the bus. The animals are the beast of burden and are used to pull carts, plows etc. I met one tied in the jungle and he was not too friendly.

This merchant passed by us way up the mountainside when we were finding our first geocache. He is just carrying and assortment of snacky things to somewhere.

We are driving on a pretty wide road here and came upon this cargoed horse and rider. Of course we had to go around and they didn't blink an eye.

We came upon the 3 horseman and they were kind enough to pause for a photo. I am not quite sure how they rein their steeds, but they don't use the bit/bridle arrangement like back home. Note the tricycle in the background heading for us. His picture is down a few. Also a jeepney can be seen heading away.

This guy definitely wants to see what's up surprises, Dad!

Under this colorful array of goods is a motorcycle.  Often these vendors will stop in the neighborhoods and open shop for awhile, then move on down the road to another spot. Keeps property taxes low.

This is a tricycle "mobile store" looking to set up shop.

Here is a tricycle (motorcycle with sidecar). The missionaries regularly get four of themselves aboard as the go about. Notice the dog back left watching. This is the same spot where we photo'd the 3 caballeros.

Here is a jeepney shot thru the window of a pizza place while we ate lunch. They come in a variety of colors, decorated with all kinds of slogans. They have nice loud horns that they toot for passengers, at cars and just to be happy I think. The jeepneys are like community taxis. They just putt along and stop for anyone who waves them over. The passenger climbs in through the rear door and scoots onto one of the two benches along each side. When you want off, you just "owiee" and the jeepney pulls over and off you hop out the back. Mostly they only get about half way off the road, so traffic is pulling out around as you enter or exit. This would not work in the U.S.  The tricycles tend to the shorter neighborhood routes where the narrow streets are prohibitive of jeepney travel.

And finally, the post would not be complete without a pink bus. There are many bus lines and they run the hiways between all the towns. However, they will stop and pickup / drop off along the way just about anywhere like the jeepneys. Some are air conditioned, some are not. We have yet to ride the bus.

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  1. We love all these methods of transportation and transporting goods. Paul, have you been on a jeepney? I'm sure you can't stand up in one.