Saturday, October 26, 2013

In and Out Missionaries - Sept 21-24, 2013

We had a pretty large batch of departing missionaries this time and another almost large group of new ones. It is always a good week. One of the office elders says it's like Christmas when the new one come, and it is in a way to meet all the new missionaries.

Departing Missionaries

Here is the departing batch. From the left: S. Marino (Philippines), S. Lamosa (Philippines), S. Folau (American Samoa), S. Pitman (Australia), E. Alinsoot (Philippines), President Peterson, Sister Peterson,,S. Huni (Tonga), S. Maka, yellow blouse (Tonga), S. Carmichael (Utah), S. Pacampara, purple blouse, ( Philippines). From the right, E. Ayap (Philippines), E. Pascua (Philippines), E. Edvalson (Utah), E. Sasagy (American Samoa), E. MacMillen (Australia), E. Collado (Philippines), E. De Leon (Philippines).

Elder Pascua served as an Ass't to President Peterson, so we got to know him quite well. He is a gentle and kind person. Just an exceptionally good young man. He will be missed. 

Sister Folau was a dedicated and fun missionary. She was one of the first Sister Trainer Leaders in our mission and extended her mission six weeks to serve as a STL.

Sister Pittman was a super missionary and great leader. She also was one of our first Sister Trainer Leaders.

The last walk from the mission home to the bus stop. A great group. Head 'em up, move 'em out!

One of our favorites, Sister Folau out of the gate and on her way.

Sister Peterson and Elder Collado heading for the bus stop.

The stragglers, Elder Sasagay and Elder MacMillen all decked out in their suits that have hung in the Mission Home closet for two years. They still look pretty good.

All waiting at the Highway for the bus. It is a bitter sweet occasion....sad their mission is over, but excited to go home.

All Aboard and off to Manila.  Good bye you wonderful missionaries, we will miss you.

Arriving Missionaries

We always wait at the highway to greet the new arrivals when their bus arrives. It's raining on this day so we are anxious for them to get here. When the bus arrived it was full of our missionaries only
 and the driver did us a very kind service.

This is a first at the mission. The bus drove to the mission home down our skinny street and then backed into the parking lot. We were happy because is was raining and it kept the missionaries and their luggage dry.

So here they are, eager and ready to go: From the left: S. Williams (Utah), S. Martinez (Nevada), E. Evelarion (Philippines), S. Gaspar de Alba (Nevada), President, S. Mann (Samoa), Sister Peterson, S. Cassinet (California), S Lorente, blue skirt (Philippines), S. Dayao, light blue blouse (Philippines), S. Demeterio (Philippines), S. Dadivas, gray suit (Philippines), E Serna (Philippines), E. Minas (Philippines). From the right above E. Serna: S. Taboki (Kiribati), S. Nebati (Kiribati), S. Kekauoha (Hawaii), S Buckley (Washington), S. Bennion (Utah), E. Lyon (Utah), E. Burbidge (Washington), down to S. Ott (Utah), E. Grant (Idaho), E Gray (Australia), S. Taumialo (Australia), E Bland (Utah), S burt ( Maryland).

Oreintation at the Mission Home. The missionaries from the Provo MTC don't make it much past noon before they wilt from jet lag and a short night's sleep in Manila.

Here are the new batch in the chapel at transfer meeting wondering who their new companions will be.

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  1. Your missionaries look so bright and enthusiastic (even when they have jet lag) and you two look so young and energetic. I'm sure that the missionaries love to be greeted by the President and his wife and that awesome office couple.