Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Aliens have landed.....and they taste good!

The planet Rambu was recently located by interrogating the invading aliens therefrom. It was learned that the aliens call themselves Rambutans (ram-boo-tawns). They come in droves from the end of July to mid September. The hairy little fellas taste quite good, but often cover themselves with ants for protection. Below is a captive about to be made into a tasty snack. 
  The red spiny looking skin is quite pliable and has the texture of an orange. You just push your thumb into it and peel it back, exposing the white eyeball looking fruit inside.
 The fruit pops right out.
 Here are several Rambutons ready for eating. they are sweet, texture kind of like a grape, they have a large pit. The flavor is distinct, mild but tasty. You know it is very difficult to describe a new taste.

Some carcasses.


  1. Very interesting. Do these things grow on a tree, on a bush or under water?

    1. I really can't say where they grow since I haven't been to planet Rambu, but I have seen clusters of the little hairy guys on trees around here.

  2. For your sake, I hope they are tasty! But who would have thought to eat those? They look scary! Bonus for the adventurous! Love you and think of you often.