Sunday, May 26, 2013

This is Where We Work

 This is the Mission Home driveway with the Mission Home (farthest away) and the Mission Office to the left. We stayed in the General Authority bedroom in the Mission Home for the first 3 weeks here because Elder & Sister Packer, the departing office couple were still here in the apartment. 
Another shot of the Mission Home, Front Door is on the right

Here is the Mission Office head on looking at the front door. The office in on the main floor and two aportments are on the second floor. We live in one (next post) and four missionaries live in the other. 

 This is the Mission Office as you enter the front door. See Nancy toward the back?

Above: Nancy at her Desk. She is doing great on the computer. It's Sunday evening and she is taking care of few loose ends.
 Above: Nancy getting trained by Sister Packer. It was a confusing time for all.

Left; Sister Packer, Nancy and President Peterson, "you did what?"
My first day and my first pen
 Here is Elder Packer showing me the ropes. Lots to learn.  I found the file.

 Here I am in the office after 4 weeks on my own. Kinda getting the hang of things.

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  1. I just found this post. I hope things are going well. I was an office elder soon after that office was opened in 2005. Actually I was the financial secretary (Elder Ashby). Thanks for posting pictures. That office brings many wonderful memories, and I really miss the time I spent there serving the missionaries.