Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The MTC Couples

 This was our district during the first week. Usually there are four couples in a district, but one of the couples for our week was delayed, so we only had 6 missionaries. Bro Jacobs was our instructor in the morning. He is single, served his mission in Argentina and is a member of the BYU International Folk Dancing team. We went to the dress rehersal and saw them perform. They were really fun to watch and Bro Jacobs was one of the stars!
 This is our district again with our afternoon instructor, Bro Porter, who is getting married in June. He asked for some words of advice, I told him to remember the two most important words....Yes dear.  The members of our district, l-r Bro Porter, Elder & Sister Seidel from N Carolina headed to Independence MO, Nancy & me, Elder and Sister Wright from Denver CO and headed for Japan.
 Here are the missionaries who were with us in the office training during the second week at the MTC. It was a good group and we had a good time learning all about finances, newsletters, Excel and Word. Sister Hansen remarked it was like learning here second foreign language. Front Elder and Sister Hom headed to England South mission (was a civil engineer), Middle l-r Sister Shumway headed to Oklahome City mission, she is related to E Hansen, Elder and Sister Adams headed to England South also, and then the best for the back row. Too bad we didn't get our instructors. They were really good and fun.
And finally a shot of the cafeteria, where I put on about 5 lbs in less than two weeks. They serve about 3,000 missionaries per meal with 3 meals a day......that is a lot of vittles.

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  1. oooh the MTC cafeteria...such fond memories.