Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The MTC Stuff (Week of March 25, 2013)

 Where the heck do I go tomorrow and what am I supposed to study. The MTC was quite rigorous in teaching us new approaches to sharing the gospel.  Here I am in our room at the end of a long day looking through the schedule for the next day.
 It's Wednesday at the MTC and that's new arrival day. It is totally awesome. The "helper" missionaries who have been in the MTC for awhile line up and greet the new arrivals as their cars pull up for the final drop off. Lots of family hugs and Mom tears and pictures and Dad slaps on the back, then the Elders grab the luggage and whisk them away to get their nametags, orientation kits etc.  On this day almost 800 new missionaries arrived with approximately half Sister! Very fun to watch!
We found Elder Cathemer on the day before he was shipping out to Zimbabwe and wanted a picture. Clancy is from our ward and I had him as a teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood when we first moved to Florence. Now here we are all missionaries.


  1. LOVE these pictures. you look so great as missionaries!

  2. Elder Cathemer looks so happy and mature. I'm sure he was grateful to see you in the MTC.