Monday, July 15, 2013

In and Out Missionaries

This post is about our transfer week of July 1-4 which started with the batch of 6 departing missionaries arriving at the mission home Sunday evening July 1. They are a great group of missionaries. They received some training on Monday, a FHE and Tuesday they were off to Manila to attend the temple, and then to the hotel for the night before their Wednesday departures via plane or bus. l-r Elder Garnica (Philippines), Sister Pajarin (Philippines), Sister Sagaysay (Philippines), Elder Tamale (Tonga), President & Sister Peterson, Elder Johnson (Idaho US), Elder Yost (Virginia US)
 This is Elder Yost with us. He was our first office Elder and saved our bacon on many occasions. I really admired his desire to be obedient. He was very kind and patient with us old ones.
 Here they are boarding the bus for Manila. E. Johnson waving, E. Tamale after a final hug from Sister Peterson

Here is the incoming batch of 28 (1 was delayed and not in the photo) I would name them all but there are so many. They were a great group. 17 Sisters and 11 Elders. Origins include the California, Utah, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Tonga, Samoa, New Zealand, Kirabati, and Philippines.
 Below: the sisters are having a quick Relief Society meeting to discuss how they are going to take over the mission! joke-lang.  It's just before breakfast in the Mission home.

 Above: Loading up the jeepney with sisters headed for the hotel. First time for most of them. Below: Ready to roll. The foreign missionaries were really worn out and out of synch since this is their first day after the long flight from the US. The time difference from SLC is +14 hours.
We drove these two sisters, Sister Basa (left) and her brand new companion Sister Hellewell to their new apartment in Tayabas. They had so much luggage, we barely got it and them into the car. It was a fun 2 hour drive with them. We only got lost a little.

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  1. Your faces show how happy you are to be serving as missionaries! Sounds like the work never stops....just keeps rolling out the gospel. Sure love you guys!