Saturday, December 28, 2013

In and Out - Tacloban Transfers and Early Departures Nov 18-21, 2013

This was an unusual extra transfer week. The super typhoon that devastated Tacloban required the evacuation of all the missionaries and the temporary closing of that mission. It is miraculous that every missionary was found safe and taken to the Area Office in Manila. Most of the missionaries were reassigned to various missions in the Philippines. We received 15 transfers. These were exceptional young people who inspired us with their faith and determination to press forward in the missionary work in spite of the traumatic events of the typhoon. The week was a little unusual in that we got the arrivals first, and then the departing, this is the reverse of normal.

 Our Tacloban missionaries: Front (l-r) E Usares (Phil), E Quinco (Phil), Pres & Sis Peterson, S Galabo (Phil), S Flores (Phil), E Cabinian: Back (l-r) E Kaafi (New Zealand), E Santillian (Phil), E Magaule (Phil), E Manilili (Phil), E Crockett (CA), E Vimahi (Tonga), E Oblina (Phil), E Pangilinan (Phil), E Maramba (Phil), E Landingin (Phil).

Transfer day lunch at the mission home with the transfers and new companions.

Rubi and her daughter Abish who help with the lunch. Rubi works in the mission home.

The early departing missionaries were scheduled to leave in December, but were given the opportunity to help make room for the incoming transfers by going home early. All but two decided to head home a little early. This made things alot easier for us in the mission logistically. We appreciated their willingness to help us in this way.

Our early departing missionaries: Front (l-r) E Nerza, E Figuracion, Pres & Sis Peterson, S Calla, S Taobure, E Dait, E Cabacungan: Back (l-r) center E Illustrisimo, E Najorda, (sideways), E Sembrano. All Fillipinos.

Getting ready for departing FHE and testimony meeting with the departing missionaries in the mission home. Alway.s an uplifting experience to hear their testimonies and feel the spirit

Waiting for the vain. We waited about an hour and every bus we needed was full. Usually we can catch one in about 15 minutes.So...

We loaded up the van and the truck with missionaries and luggage and drove them to the bus terminal about 40 minutes away. Sister Calla (closest) and Sister Taoburae and Elder Nerza ready to go.


  1. It's really true, the missionaries radiate the light of the gospel.

  2. It's been a while since you have posted, but I wanted to wish Paul a very Happy Birthday! Hope you are both doing fantastic, and know how much we love you!