Tuesday, December 3, 2013

In and Out Missionaries - November 3-6, 2013

Another Transfer Week with a departing group of 12 Elders and only One Sister. The Arriving group of 16 with 7 Sisters and 9 Elders. We have been here long enough to know the departing missionaries now, and it is always bittersweet to see them go.


A great group of missionaries, Front from the right: E. Tolentino (Philippines), E. Torculas (Philippines), E. Alvaro (Philippines), Pres. Peterson, Sister Peterson, S. Buduan (Philippines), E. Cello (Philippines), E. Natividad (Philippines), Back Row from the left: E. Hansen (California), E. Howes (Utah), E. Thompson (Utah), E. Burton (California), E. Adams (Utah), E. Ah Wong (New Zealand), E. Kartchner (Utah).

Here are the foreign missionaries who came from the Provo MTC two years ago in their suits, which have been hanging in the Mission Home closet since then. Most of the Elders find their suits are a little big on them when they get ready to go home and some find that the suit pants that they wore during their mission are long gone.

Here is Elder Howes who was one of our Office Elders til today. We really enjoyed his good nature. He said transfer week was like Christmas because you got all these new missionaries. He has a twin brother serving in a nearby Philippine mission who will be released in December and our Elder Howes will be back with his family to pick him up.

Sister Buduan needed extra hugs since she was the only Sister headed home. 

Here is Elder Burton who came to the office the same time we did and served as an Assistant to President Peterson. He was a great missionary. His last two transfers (12 weeks) he asked to go back to the field where he trained a new missionary and served in a branch with many deaf members. When President made the assignment, he was not aware that Elder Burton could sign for the deaf. There were several people baptized during his sevice in the branch.

Meet Elder Mathew Hansen. He was a hard worker and played the piano.


The bus stops across the highway which is always busy and we go to greet and unload.

 Here is a snapshot of the organized chaos of unloading. The new ones are anxious and bewildered, and we are trying to get things unloaded and across the highway in a really friendly sort of way. This was a successful de-bus-ing, no luggage or personal items left on the bus.
Here is the November Batch. From the left in front: Sister Grey (Samoa), S.Richman (Utah), S. Japus (Phiippines), S. Cortes (Philippines), Sister Peterson, President Peterson, S. Legaspi (Philippines), S. Maagad (Philippines), S Tautali (Tonga),  Back Row from the left: E. Toleafoa (Tonga), E. Wise (Hawaii), E. Acain (Philippines), E. Lapena (Philippines), E. Javier (Philippines), E. Limpin (Philippines), E. Taguim (Philippines), E. De Sosa (Philippines), E. Campos (Philippines)

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  1. You two look great and your missionaries look great. Interesting to see the two photos of the missionaries when they first arrived and then when they were leaving. Some look the same and some look a little different.